Inevitable change

It’s a new day, a new beginning. You are a day older. Age creeps onto you every minute, every second of your life. What are you going to do? You meet change everywhere you go. But remember, IT ALL STARTS within you.

Are you ready for that change? Do you see that change in you that you want to see in others? Who or what is forcing you to change? Is change everything? Or does everything change? These are questions that you have to ask yourself before you step out of your house every morning. However stupid and irritating this might seem it will help you face the world. Your capacity to cope with change will spring a delightful surprise on you.

Someone famously said “ Change is the only thing that’s permanent” We have seen this line used and abused many a time, even as status messages on Google talk. Ever wondered about the complexity of such a simple sentence? Shadowed beneath the veil of philosophy is stark reality.

Dinosaurs roamed this earth once, they don’t do so anymore. From this sentence we might think we have obtained a vague idea of what change is. Don’t you dare let yourself slip into a comfort zone based on such juvenile reasoning. Honestly. You see so much around you, fall of governments, breakout of diseases, bomb blasts, war against terror, etc.    

Change occurs in every dimension possible. From purchasing cigarettes worth 2.50 INR to buying one full bottle of whiskey costing an unreasonable 327.80 INR. The cost is not unreasonable, but look beyond that. Why can’t they have a whole number (the shopkeeper never has change) ?  Why do you have to haggle for change with the bus conductor everyday (it aint a problem if he hasnt got change, but your whole family gets humiliated  if you are not carrying change)? Why should you take coffee bite instead of that solitary 50p (when r they gonna sell munch at that price?)? Why why why? Would a lacto king be accepted in lieu of change when i purchase something?

I don’t think I am ever going to get an answer.

P.S Please send me 23.77 through MO to save the street dogs of Mysore.


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One response to “Inevitable change

  1. Amit

    A lot of thought has gone into this writing….Really interesting stuff..

    But the last para was hillarious man…All of us would have faced this situation atleast once…

    Maybe you are right…There is no explaination to all this…Maybe its just the way things have been, are and will be

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