Final Destination

It had  been a while….he couldn’t remember when exactly. Was it 6 months back? 10? ‘Oh god!’ These words just slipped out of his mouth though he wasn’t in a religious mood that morning. His memory always failed him when he needed it the most. The last time he had done this was out of free will. But now he was being forced to do it….he was gonna teach those people a lesson, a lesson that will make them resolve never to force him again.

His mind wandered to how it had all begun, he still couldn’t remember when. The tricks of time that mind plays on the being….it dint matter anymore. He was already on his way. The beginning had been different. There were many friends when the war had just begun….when he moved, his friends moved. But time, the biggest enemy of man, had removed all of them….almost all of them. 

As he whizzed past the desolate road the machine let out a low grunt. ‘I am sorry….i know I am pushing you harder than ever today. But we need to do this. Maybe….’ His thoughts trailed off. Maybe what? Maybe this meeting will push him to the next level, the level where he could say goodbye to his best buddy forever? He knew that was just a remote possibility. The result of the confrontation could be in either direction and the odds were against him.

The trees on the way reflected the past that had been. All their leaves were gone, looked like even they weren’t happy with what was going on. The thought evolved into a wry smile on his lips. He could now see the battle ground….Oh what a magnificent place. Words failed anyone who had been lucky enough to view this wonder. The gate to the arena creaked as it was being opened by the guardians. ‘Damn the rust’

He checked his watch finally before he charged in.

He had done it…..he had finally reached office before 9 o’clock.



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7 responses to “Final Destination

  1. Amit

    Man ur blogs are getting better and better man… 🙂 This one is awesome…I totally can understand wat you are going thru…its a torture to expect any man to come so early to work…

    gr8 comparision to a battle ground…

  2. Anu

    Who is this best friend u will leave forever??? i wud really like to knw!!!

    Other than that good one!!!! It is like a lot of emotional buildup to a fart!!!!! Good one!!!

  3. sricharanc

    Thanks ppl…..its the encouraging words of such supporters that keeps me going 🙂

  4. Vishnu

    Dude… that’s brilliant stuff! I was wondering wtf was going on until the last sentence. Like the language too.

    Btw, I had to be at work at 8 every day, so you don’t have my sympathy 🙂

  5. sricharanc

    damn….but hey u can air ur grievances elsewhere. thanks anyway 😀

  6. srikiran

    Dude, all that suspense u build burst like a balloon in the end….but is it really that bad?…hmm….maybe i shudnt finish school then….

  7. sricharanc

    aha….u better finish school dude, no escaping that.

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