The need to destress while driving

Man has generally accepted a lot of things without questioning, like the effect of axe (the deo.duh!!) in his amorous pursuits. But there have been instances when questions have been raised, though not all of them have been answered. For example, why the hell does the media numb our senses by creating a show focussed on Rakhi Sawant? or why in the world did Oprah refer to Abhi-Ash(yuckk!!) as the most famous couple or whatever? why?why?why? 

A reader of this blog (yeah i know, the other one is me) wanted to know why they needed to do this. Hmmm….a very good question. By saying this I do not intend to circumvent this question. What do you think the author is? some sort of professor? sheeshh!!

The reason is actually quite simple. We live in tough times (my watch stops working…at regular intervals), too much pressure. Pressure builds up everyday and to handle all the (new) pressure we need to purge our system at regular intervals (not that!!).

While driving you not only have to deal with back seat driving (no, they don’t have a steering wheel there,yet. Thank god for that.), but you also have to deal with drivers like these:

  • They are from the bomb squad and are rushing to diffuse one at the moment and hence cannot use their brakes.
  • They are automobile freaks who will test the breaking power of your car and secretly report their findings to auto magazines. Sometimes,call of duty demands them to check the accident response systems in your car.
  • They are practicing ophthalmologists, who have decided to take the road to study the resistance of your retina to bright light.
  • They are marketing an anu malik/deva album by honking to their latest number.
  • They are fans of NFS and are trying to gain style points.
  • They choose the fastest lane for altruistic purposes (i.e. they reduce the accident rates on roads by slowing down.)
  • They are taxi drivers.

These poor souls are striving day and night to make our lives better and its only fair that we reward them. So the next time you come across one of these specimens do not shy away from rewarding them. They lead miserable lives and you reward will mean so much to them. But obviously you cannot get out , give them a hug, and a pat on the back and say “good job joe”.



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2 responses to “The need to destress while driving

  1. malolan

    good one sricha

  2. sricharanc

    Thx maal 🙂

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