My return to driving in Chennai

I recently moved back to Chennai and I noticed that the traffic had gone from bad to worse in the last 5 years and that I had to unlearn whatever I had learnt in Dubai, all the rules and driving etiquettes i.e. I also noticed that my previous experience of driving in Chennai was useless and I needed a completely new skill set to successfully meet the requirements. The population has just exploded like an unattended Prestige pressure cooker on full heat (hehe)

*NOTE – I notice a lot

I share some of my learnings here (modified for Chennai)

1) Always keep the side mirrors open closed.

2) There is no good bad time to use the horn.

3) Give Take way

4) Use horn brake sparingly

5) Wait for the signal to turn green Just go

6) Signal before you change lanes Point 5

7) Follow lane discipline Hahaha

High-Pot- Hetical Situation (or is it?)

You have just turned into a narrow street  (obviously two-way) after avoiding the mountain of a manhole in the beginning and immediately swerved heavily to the right to avoid a stationary car and found yourself face to face with another car coming towards you which forces you to again swerve heavily to the left where a guy in a two-wheeler has parked his bike just a little away from the center of the street to use his mobile. All your senses are on full  throttle and your heart is about to leap out of  your pocket when you notice the ubiquitous Chennai auto parked as innocuously as possible  and an almost black almost round object protruding out of the auto which your discerning eye and analytical mind correctly recognizes to be a helmet but on closer look turns out to be the head of the auto driver.  After you try your best to avoid a head on collision (his head on your car) you pounce on the brakes to avoid hitting the dog that decided to go for a walk across the street. This is exactly when the car driver/ bike rider behind you loses his eye-hand-leg coordination and rams into your car and sets off another beautiful traffic jam. He gets down, you exchange pleasantries, enquire kindly about each others lineage etc. Of course all this starts with the time-tested conversation starter of “Did you inform people at home?”

P.S – 3  is sometimes better than 4


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