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Why so fast?

Warning: Slightly serious post

Among many things I don’t understand, the way we handle our daily lives tops the list. I am not questioning the ethical angle or the religious angle, enough has been said, is being said, and will be said about it. Maybe I will also say something about it someday, not today. Today I am going to pour my heart out on what I feel is terribly wrong with our society.

From the moment we get up till we go to sleep, I find that we are in a tearing hurry to get somewhere.

  • You rush through traffic in the morning because you might be late for office
  • You get impatient with the office lift because you are late for a meeting
  • You hate the queues at the coffee machine because you feel the others are just wasting their time while you, the lonely savior of the planet, are working your a** off to meet some impossible deadline
  • You honk your way back home to spend quality time with your wife/kids/dog/ps2 etc.

You do all this without realizing that you are doing the same thing over and over and over again. Life is like a giant ferris wheel – you can’t wait to get to the top but once you are up there, you feel like crapping/puking on all those below you. But we digress. You should realize at some point that you are actually not getting anywhere.

What has me completely stumped, is the total apathy we show to everyone around us. Is this because life has become so competitive/difficult that you don’t have time for pleasant behavior or is it because that exhibiting pleasant behavior is so difficult that you do not have time for it?

I still feel that a ‘Thank You’ from a stranger, for a favor that did not involve any gargantuan effort from our side, is special. It kind of warms your heart and puts a smile on your face. E.g. Holding the door open to some old lady who until then had held the same door open to 5 dick heads who did not have the courtesy to at least thank her. Yes, courtesy is a lost art.

How difficult is it to park your car in a non-obstructive way?How difficult is it to wait your turn at a buffet? How difficult is it to wait for 90 seconds for the signal to turn green? Its just 90 seconds, not your f******g lifetime. How difficult is it to slow down and let a fellow motorist pass? Though all this seems easy when you are reading it from the comfort of your home or office, once we get on the road we forget the lessons that our teachers and parents have so painstakingly taught us.

And then we have some corporate ass****s who seem to rely on netting a customer by connecting the dots. I am sorry folks, but i don’t mind waiting in line to get out of a plane, because I paid the airlines to reach me and my baggage safely not to push me out of the plane as soon as it lands. But I pay you (or your competitors) for fast and continuous internet connection, which you don’t seem to deliver anyway. So instead of trying to take examples from life to sell your product, create a product that works consistently, treat your customers with respect and for gods sake educate the guys at customer service, my dead cat will give me better answers.

In short, stop once in a while to observe the life around you.Its still amazing.



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Alarming stuff!!

….and no I am not talking about India’s loss to South Africa or MSD’s recent decisions. Neither am I going to talk about the Tsunami, rapes in India, CWG, 2G, Gaptun or any such weighty issues. Those, I leave for the intellectuals. Here I shall rant about the miserable state of affairs in the phone alarm industry….wait…. they are not an industry you say?? No wonder.

Not so long ago an alarm(clock), meant a big round metal clock with keys behind it. These keys required some physical prowess from the end user to operate them, but the results were excellent. It woke up the entire household including the neighbor’s dog. Then came those plastic ones which replaced the cumbersome keys with an easy-to-turn knob. These were quite loud, though not loud enough as their predecessors. It could not wake up the neighbor’s dog. Then came the digital clocks. We never had one at home though, we were a digitally challenged family back then, i guess.

But kids these days might not even know what I am talking about (that partially holds good for me as well).  People have moved on from clocks and use  their mobile phones for alarms!! Though this might come as quite a shocker to you, dear reader (yes, singular), this is in fact the state of affairs today. People use their mobile phones for alarms just as they use it for, chatting, browsing, texting, brushing etc.

Please, before you brand me as an analog fundamentalist, let me explain the reasons behind my consternation. These phone alarms just don’t do it for me. I tried changing the alarm tune, actually tried almost every option available. Not only do the tunes take me deeper into the realm of dreams (yeah inception and all that), they also have weird ass names.  I would like to know which verbally challenged idiot was in charge of naming the tunes. Even my three-year old nephew will come up with better names. Sample this – sunrise, reed, translucent, butterfly are some of the gems  that are available at your disposal.

The audio capabilities of the mobile phone used by me are not much to write home about either. At maximum volume, it sounds more like instrumental lounge music played at star hotels. Forget the neighbor’s dog, forget the household, it does not even wake up the most active cells in my body!!

So, there is my problem. I request you kind noble souls to  please get me an alarm (clock) that will wake the s**t out of that neighbor’s dog!!


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