Of signatures and times

Dei, useless fellow, stop thinking about Signature whiskey, loser.

I have lately spent many a sleepless night, thanks to power cuts in Chennai. These power cuts are well organised as well as random, come well announced or as a surprise, last a few minutes or a few hours, yes, they are driving me crazy. The law of consumption of power by the early scientist, Duke of Nousemberg, states that “With great power (consumption), comes greater power cuts”.

Signatures, in pre-email days, referred to a person’s name scribbled with artistic audacity in places that required authentication. If a rock star were to scribble his name on a woman’s bosom, it meant that the woman had indeed been scribbled on by that particular rock-star, in person. You get the drift. Anyway, most of the signatures were so horrendous that if you were to compare the resemblance of a signature to the actual name, typed out in clear Arial font with font size 14 on a plain piece of white paper with black ink, then the closest will have to be the difference between the real you and the person smiling at us in your Facebook profile picture.

Email signatures are a different ball game all together. It varies from simple ones like “Best Regards” or “Thanks & Regards” followed by the person’s name to something as complex as people who eat dosas with spoon and fork.Quite a messed up lot, aren’t they?

I have seen signatures that talk about a person’s pedigree, educational qualifications, current designation,company name, phone number, fax number, email id (if i am getting the email from you, why in gods crazy name will you want to include it in your signature??) and of course the inevitable 12th standard board exam marks.

Then came the mobile phones from which you could send mails and voila!! We were hit in the face by many mails that ended with “Sent from my iPhone”, “Sent from my BlackBerry Curve 8900”, “Sent from my smartphone that’s way smarter than i could ever hope to be” et al. I agree with all you people, you are cool, really. I am really happy for the fact that you discovered how to send emails from your smart phones. But please change your signatures, it just sounds pompous. Oh and it irritates the actual cool people, rest of us.

Worst Regards

Yours Truly

——– Sent from my dysfunctional refrigerator——



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2 responses to “Of signatures and times

  1. Naj


    There, I just added on to your already frustrated mood with a yet another unnecessary improvisation on a nonsensical topic 🙂

    Nice read however… as always… 🙂

  2. sricharanc

    dude, nonsensical topics are my idli and sambhar 😀

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