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The lonely street

As she swerved her car into Trilok Nagar 1st street, she hit the brakes hard and the car came to a screeching halt. “Stupid f***ing dog”. She continued to mutter angrily under her breath while she parked the car to the side and got out to check on the dog. Just as she was about to reach the dog, she heard a distant sound of bikes approaching. She was suddenly aware of her surroundings.

It was well after midnight and she had left Ashok’s party in a huff after seeing his ex there. She always took the main road from his place on Shanti Vihar to her place on MG Road. Albeit a little long, it was extremely safe and had a steady flow of traffic at all times of day. She had heard horror stories of  girls, travelling alone, being murdered on the lonely by-lanes of  Trilok Nagar. The bodies except for pieces of the nose and ears were never found. Sometime last week two women in a car had managed to escape. They were being treated for shock and the police had not been able to get their statement. There was however some rumor about the ”sound of bikes approaching” doing the rounds. She hadn’t paid much attention to it then.

All this came screaming back to her  and she froze on her footsteps for a brief period. The sound of bikes approaching grew louder and she snapped out of her momentary daze and ran back to her car. She quickly dived inside, turned off the ignition and locked herself  in. She took out her mobile and after turning on silent mode, realized that there was no connectivity. As she sat on the floor of her car between the front and the rear seats she heard the bikes slow down. She sensed they were near but she was too afraid to look up.

The street was deserted apart from a few cars parked along the sides. She started tapping the keyboard of her mobile fervently and prayed for signal. After a few minutes she was surprised to see two signal bars. Just as she was about to start calling her dad there was a loud knock on her car door. She was sweating profusely and her heart beat grew louder. Had they seen her? That couldn’t have happened, there was no light in the street and her car windows were tinted extra dark. She decided to try her luck waiting. After a brief period of silence there was another knock, this time on her front door. A bright light, from what seemed to be a torch, was directed at the car for a few seconds. She pulled herself closer as tears rolled down her cheeks.

And she waited there without making a move, for what seemed like hours, before the bikes left the area. Quite relieved, she sat up in her car and reached for a bottle of water kept near the driver’s seat. That’s when she realized that she had missed something. She checked her mobile “S**t, No signal again!! Damn these carriers”. She opened the cap and took a sip of water. Just as she was putting the bottle down, she noticed a pair of gleaming eyes looking straight at her from outside the windshield….

Next day’s paper –

 Another woman gone missing from Trilok Nagar.

The Trilok Nagar police have registered another case of a missing person. This is the 15th such case in the last month alone. A car with broken windshield and torn seats has been recovered from the crime scene. As with all other instances, the missing person this time around is also a  young woman. Though the police are still awaiting results from forensic analysis, they believe that the crime must have happened between 1 and 2 am. The red brigade, a group of bike laden cops, had passed by that area at 1 am and did not notice anything amiss. However, when they went for another round at 2…..



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The wet towel

….She held him tight and said “It’s ok baby”.She cradled him in her arms and planted a gentle kiss on his forehead.

She really loved him more than she had loved anybody else in this world. And this was still true after they had been married for 50 long years. They had met at their first job and what followed was a beautiful romance. Things moved quickly and they found themselves living under the same roof, as husband and wife, within a year of courtship. She thought he was god’s gift to her and worshiped him in her heart every living day. He too was fond of her and ensured that she never had to shed a tear.

As the days became months and the months years, they discovered more and more about each other. Things they liked about each other, things they hated about each other, things they never thought were important but that was important to the other. They set their lives in a slow rhythm, taking turns being the stronger one, laughing together at lives cruelties and shedding a tear of joy at moments of happiness. They agreed to disagree on a lot of things and decided never to fight for more than 15 minutes a day.

They raised their children in an environment that they thought was perfect, gave them great education and graciously accepted their choices of life partners. Now, the children were gone, settled abroad. They did visit twice a year, but between those prolonged periods they had only each other for company. They went for long walks, visited the temple 3 days a week, helped their neighbors with their work, and took care of the children in their block. Every once in a while friends visited and they had a good time playing poker and singing and dancing.

It had rained that day. The weatherman had predicted thunderstorms for the entire week. He had gone out to meet some friends and had forgotten to take his umbrella. She smiled thinking about the umpteen times he had forgotten his umbrella. He always got wet in the rain and fell sick the next day. He loved all the attention he got and was quite fond of the special soup she made. She realized he would be home any minute and went about making preparations for the soup.

He came home and immediately demanded a towel. She had kept one ready and started wiping his hair dry and gently scolded him for forgetting the umbrella. He winked at her and gave her a naughty grin before going in for a shower. He went directly to the kitchen after getting dressed and found his favorite soup waiting on the table. It was piping hot and he helped himself to a generous serving and sat down on his chair to enjoy the soup.

He had almost finished the first round and was gearing up for the second, when he felt a sharp pain on the left of his lower back. He looked down to find a 4 inch blade sticking out of his torso. As blood trickled down his pajamas, she pulled the knife out and took him in her arms. “Darling, I have  told you so many times.” He was slowly losing out to the pain and his vision was blurred. “Why did you leave the wet towel on the bed again? Oh why sweety, why?”. He knew he was going to pass out soon and gathered the remaining ounces of energy to mumble a feeble apology that almost went unheard. She held him tight and said “It’s ok baby”….


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